Bring Greater Economic Opportunity to Our Community

Residents in the North Valley looking for work or entering the job market should have opportunities for high paying jobs right here in the District 12. Too many of our us are driving long commutes for work when we should have a business environment that can attract industries to our community.

  • Support more locally owned Small Businesses.

  • Recruit major industries and high paying jobs in the life science and biotech sector

  • Balanced development. Walkable commerce that is locally owned and housing that fits the character of our communities.

Improve Transparency and Input

I will not make decisions in the dark nor will I partner with any group that puts their interests above those in our community.

  • I promise to promptly publicize each and every Council vote on all available platforms to increase transparency.

  • I will consult with stakeholders on each issue and vote. We are all members of this community, and we should all decide.

  • Give Neighborhood Councils more authority.

  • I pledge to not take any money from large developers.

Manage the Homelessness Crisis

We all have a stake in reducing homelessness. We need to expand local services and increase affordable units in a way that is safe and sustainable.

  • Make sure our communities get our fair share of County and City Measures H and HHH funding.

  • Build a comprehensive treatment, temporary service and housing development in a remote area such as above the MTA bus maintenance lot on Nordhoff and Canoga.

Increase Mobility via Better Public Transportation

In the gig and new economy entrepreneurs, small business owners and employees are stuck in traffic for far too long. By increasing our mobility we can increase our productivity, as well as leisure time with our families. We need to safeguard our quality of life.

  • Create more walkable communities with local businesses and homeowners.

  • Turn the Orange line into light rail to improve mobility to downtown and other areas of the valley.

  • Bring regional connectivity to CSUN and advocate for Option 1 of the NSFV BRT Improvement Project

  • Repave roads and fix broken sidewalks. Improve longevity of asphalt.

Continue to Build Safe Neighborhoods

Even the slightest uptick in crime requires a quick and comprehensive response. We need to make sure we put more police on the streets, and successfully use technology and community coordination to prevent and solve crime so we are all as safe as possible.

  • Increase number of police officers.

  • Expand local community policing. More officers walking the community, especially in areas of high crime and emerging commercial storefronts.

  • Invest in new technologies that further assist our law enforcement.